Any one, regardless of the speed or experience can benefit from having a coach to guide and advice when training for a triathlon. Here is a list of some of the services. 30 Minutes free consultation is available.

Triathlon Coaching

Our most requested service. Taking into account your sporting goals, lifestyle, work, travel, and other commitments, CSE can provide a plan designed to bring you success. Training programs completely tailored to your needs, staying flexible and readily available to you.

Plans starting at  $150.00 / month

Swimming for Triathlon

california swim expert

This has been the entry point for many athletes. We design a road map for success and create benchmarks to predict performance. Our approach includes technique, race strategy and written workouts.

1 hour  =  $80.00

Group Workouts

swim clinics
This is the opportunity to push yourself and others to the road of improvement and success while enjoying the camaraderie of your peers. Work hard, play hard.

1 hour  =  $80.00

Escorted Open Water Swims

Would you like to improve your navigation skills?  This service is available at a mutually agreed upon day and time.

Escorted OWS = $90/hour + driving milage

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